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I’m Pam Martinez, owner of Canine Promenades. I was born and raised in Africa where I soon distinguished myself (in my family of 7 brothers and sisters) as the “animal person”. I have never known a day without a pet. I snuck a bushbaby into my college dorm when I had to leave Africa…because I couldn’t imagine life so far away from my critters! My first “child”, in high school, was an orphan chimpanzee. My love for animals is an intrinsic part of who I am.

I live in Surfside Beach with my husband. My first dog as an adult was a pound puppy. Later, I bred dogs: Standard Poodles as well as Deer Faced Chihuahuas. That experience taught me a lot about puppies and house training! My love for animals has led me to work briefly in a veterinarian’s office as well as volunteer at the Native Animal Rescue  in Santa Cruz, where squirrel fostering was my favorite job.

I started this business in 2011. It is the perfect mix of my need to be out in nature and have canine companionship.  I truly relish every moment of my “job”, since it is really a joy to me and my canine clients!

Pam Martinez - Canine Promenades