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I’m Pam Martinez, owner of Canine Promenades. I was born and raised in Africa where I soon distinguished myself (in my family of 7 brothers and sisters) as the “animal person”. I have never known a day without a pet. I snuck a bushbaby into my college dorm when I had to leave Africa…because I couldn’t imagine life so far away from my critters! My first “child”, in high school, was an orphan chimpanzee. My love for animals is an intrinsic part of who I am.

I live in Santa Cruz County with my husband where we have raised five children. My first dog as an adult was a pound puppy. Later, I bred dogs: Standard Poodles as well as Deer Faced Chihuahuas. That experience taught me a lot about puppies and house training! My love for animals has led me to work briefly in a veterinarian’s office as well as volunteer at the Native Animal Rescue here in Santa Cruz, where squirrel fostering is my favorite job.

I started this business in 2011. It is the perfect mix of my need to be out in nature and have canine companionship. I enjoy allowing the dogs to be off leash and I have discovered some of the most beautiful places in Santa Cruz County to walk dogs off leash! I truly relish every moment of my “job”, since it is really a joy to me and my canine clients!

Canine Promenades’ assistants are carefully picked for their passion for animals as well. They are women who have been exposed to pets all their lives and are equipped to step into my shoes when I am out of town. For your peace of mind, Canine Promenades is bonded and insured by CNA Surety.

Pam Martinez - Canine Promenades