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Have used Canine Promenade's services on two occasions - once for four days in November and then again a month later for five days.  My dog has asthma, separation-anxiety, and is very aggressive with other dogs. In other words, she is tricky to handle, especially on daily walks.  Pam Mazrtinez, owner of Canine Promenade, was wonderful to deal with.  She was attentive to detail, punctual in arriving and providing services, courteous and reassuring in her contacts with me, and very loving in her handling of my dog, Katie.  CANINE PROMENADE (Pam Martinez and daughter, Cassidy) provided competent and professional care of my dog while keeping me stress free during my time away.

— Karyn C. Ryan 


Pam is a wonderful dog walker! My dog, Roy, gets very lonely during the day while I am at work. Ever since Pam has started walking him, I have noticed a significant and positive improvement in Roy's behavior and energy levels. He is calm and balanced energy wise when I get home from work. He also walks even better than he did before I hired Pam, which is great. I can tell just looking at him that he is happy. I highly recommend Pam to anyone who needs to have their dog walked.

— Charlotte

Pam Martinez - Canine Promenades